We love yogurt

Before we started making our yogurt at home, we were always comparing the ones we were buying in shops to the yogurt our parents used to home make. Some yogurts sold in supermarkets do really taste good, and their texture is lovely – thick, not too creamy, a bit watery, but not too much… But producers add starches to make yogurt thicker, sugar to make it sweeter, and preservatives to make it last longer. This was no good for us as we wanted just yogurt – simple, natural and healthy, without any of the added stuff. And yogurt is important to us as we love it and eat it every day. We knew that the only way to ensure yogurt is pure and natural was to produce it ourselves. And this is how we started…

Harmless Packaging

Our PLA plastic pots are made from corn starch and are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They are harmless to nature in contrast to the other widely used packaging made of PET, PVC etc. These oil-based plastics are not only toxic to your body but take 100s of years to degrade in nature if not disposed of in the correct bin, as it quite often happens. We believe that being good to nature is a part of being good to yourself.

Pure Ingredients

We make real yogurt – fresh, organic, no additives, handmade at home. We do it because we love yogurt and it has always been a major food for us and our family. And because it is so good in any sense, we want to share it with you ensuring that you get a pure and traditional product, the real yogurt.

That is why we make it ourselves using the best culture which is natural and rich in live bacteria and probiotics. This is the Prime Culture. We worked hard to get to the right taste and texture and continue to explore yogurt as there is always a way to improve, with every spoonful.

If you are a fan of organic yogurt, probiotics, healthy food, traditional food, organic food, vitality living, nature, pure natural products… or just want to be good to yourself, join us!


Five Flavours

Cacao powder, cacao nibs, blueberries and honey

Looking back, who would have ever thought chocolate yogurt could be just so lovely? True, almost everything chocolate is a pure temptation but this is something else. It’s unusual, has been around for a short time so there is so much more to explore. Sweet and sour, fruity cacao tasting mixture of joy. Perfect for.. anytime.

Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, walnuts and honey

Feeling hungry? We’ve got you covered. Grab a pot of our seedy yogurt and you get 255 cal in the perfect form and content. Crunchy, tasty and protein rich breakfast to keep you flying until lunch time.

Organic Yogurt with organic sesame seeds, organic flax seeds and organic dates

Seeds dating dates in nutritious natural sweetness. Honey has given way to dates and the yogurt is sweetened purely with the syrupy taste of the dried fruit. Crunchy, juicy and simple and it has it all to make a perfect breakfast.

Coconut cream, pomegranate, chia seeds and honey

Something to fall in love with. Exotic mixture that will keep you coming back for more. Coconut cream yogurt, milk and coconut set together to perfectly infuse with taste and texture. Chia seeds go best with coconut s here we go. All topped up with honey and fresh pomegranate. Need we say more?..

Apple puree, cinnamon, walnuts and honey

Have you ever thought of mixing yogurt with cinnamon? Because the first time we did we loved it straight away. Apple and cinnamon go so well together, it just comes naturally to have them in the same pot. And definitely with walnuts. A pie tasting healthy breakfast full with lovely matching flavours.